Sunday, January 31, 2010

80 Miles on Old Hwy 80

We rode the entire 80 For Haiti route on January 29, 2010 to finalize the details of the route sheet, checkpoint locations, and more for the February 13 event. The 81-mile route has 6090' of total elevation gain. There are only three stop signs and no lights and traffic is minimal to non-existent. I took a lot of photos of the spectacular, one-of-a-kind route along the way.

Elizabeth rode her 2007 Ritchey BreakAway and wore Ibex wool knickers, Ibex wool Skimmer cap, Ibex Kilometer Gloves, Injinji wool socks, and Earth Wind and Rider wool jersey. Chris rode his 1985 custom Ron Stout and wore Ibex wool bib knickers, Ibex wool glove liners, Injinji wool socks, and a 1994 Castelli wool jersey (for Bridgestone). It was very cold in Pine Valley, but warmed up nicely once we had climbed up out of the town / valley.

For a less than six-minute video slideshow (with music) of the entire ride from start to finish, click here.

For a traditional slideshow of the same images, click here.

Below are some selected shots of our ride (but you should really check out the full video slideshow to "get the whole picture"!):

Above: soutbound on La Posta Road.Above: A curious gap in the border fence near JacumbaAbove: One Hwy 80 resident has many one-of-a-kind statues spread around his property. They remind me of the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC.Above: A front yard in Live Oak Springs
Above: the descent back into Pine Valley, our start/finish
Above: A great ride deserves a great bike. It was custom built for me at the beginning of 1985 by Salt Lake City builder Ron Stout: my second sponsored bike and my first one that was custom. I used it when breaking the San Francisco to Los Angeles record in April 1985, when qualifying for the 1985 Race Across America at the 712 mile John Marino Open in May 1985, and it was also my main bike in the 1987 Race Across America, among many other adventures.

We hope you will join us for 80 FOR HAITI on February 13! Click here for all the information and to register!

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