Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Rough Riders Headbadge: A Work of Art You Can Own!

We commissioned Jennifer Green at Headbadges.com in Philadelphia, PA to create a headbadge which features our "Rough Riders: Any Bike, Anywhere" logo. We are very pleased with the result of her efforts! Here you can see the headbadge on a 1973 custom Williams bike, which was converted to 650B and set up for Rough Riding. It's not cheap to get one-off custom headbadges made: they cost us $100 apiece, whether you get 1, 3, or 33, as they are each made one-at-a-time by hand. If you want to get one, drop us a note and we'll make it happen for you, with no mark-up, of course!

Well-known cycling writer Jim Langley has an amazing treasure of a website which also includes a section featuring his headbadge collection which numbers 700, and counting! Jim has this to say about headbadges:

"Nameplates (also called “head badges”) are what manufacturers used to attach to the fronts of their bicycles as a classy signature, not unlike Mercedes’ hood ornaments. These plates gave the makers a nifty way to differentiate their models from others. This was important because the bikes often looked remarkably similar. But, if your model featured an amazing nameplate, you could win the sale. Imagine how a 10-year-old might be drawn to a bike with a Robin Hood emblem. And, fittingly, the nameplate often survived long after the bike was tossed because it was the main emotional attachment and easy to store. I collect nameplates because each (I have about 700) makes me imagine who might have ridden that bike."

Click here
for Jim's headbadge collection online, and be ready to be fascinated and amazed!

Click here for Jennifer Green's Headbadges.com, home of her Revolution Cycle Jewelry website.

Click here for a Flickr group dedicated to just headbadges, with over 1300 images and counting.

If you order a Rough Riders headbadge, we will definitely want a shot of it on your bike to post here on the site!