Monday, February 13, 2012

Riding with Strava

I signed up an account with so that I can log my rides, at least some of them, online and share the results with others, and even compare my times. It seems pretty neat and I have some cool ideas in the works that will use this site. It's also a great way to share specific routes, especially the middle of nowhere, and off-the-beaten-track kind of stuff that I like to do.

Here is info about the ride I did yesterday from Santa Monica up PCH to Corral Canyon and back, plus a link to all the rides that I uploaded to Strava. (That, in itself, was kind of freaky, because it was my understanding that all my GPS history was deleted from my GPS each time I uploaded its info to my Garmin Connect site. However, the Strava site just automatically grabbed all the GPS history it could from my Garmin 310 xt, then asked me which of the various files, going back to 2010 when I got the GPS, I'd like to include on Strava.)

Anyway, if you're a Strava user, please "follow me" and we can compare notes and ride together virtually, if not even in reality at some point!
(Scroll down for the official invite to join Strava. I get a few months free use if you mention me when you join. But that's not a big motivator for me; their full service is only $59 a year, anyway. I just think this is a neat way to connect with other riders, and runners, in the places that I explore.)

I use Strava to track my fitness, analyze my performance and participate in challenges. I think you should join so we can compare our runs and rides. Check one of them out: Santa Monica to Corral Canyon and Back.

Get started:
1) Grab a GPS device (iPhone, Android or Garmin).
2) Go for a run or a ride and tear it up.
3) Sync your activity at and make history.

Game on,