Friday, August 22, 2014

Talking Rough Riding, Rawland, and more on the Vinnie Tortorich Podcast

I am honored to be a guest on Vinnie Tortorich's "America's Angriest Trainer" podcast this week, talking cycling, Silver State 508, Badwater 135, the NSNG lifestyle, Rough Riding and my beloved Rawland bicycles. Here is this link to listen.

 Yours truly with Vinnie at The 508 finish line in 2008

Vinnie is a several-time Furnace Creek 508 veteran, as you can see here, and a life-long cyclist. He is the author of "Fitness Confidential: Adventures in the Weight Loss Game" (a book which heavily features The 508) and one of the smartest, clearest thinking people I know, especially in the world of health and fitness. (If you think you are going to lose weight from working out more, or harder, read his book and learn the error of your ways.)

Here are links to topics discussed in the conversation: