Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Semi-Epic Planned for Sunday, June 14: Mt. Palomar Via Nate Harrison Grade: YOU Are Invited!

Hello fellow Rough Riders!

You're invited to a no-host, self-sufficient ride up northern San Diego's awesome Mt. Palomar via Nate Harrison Grade, a dirt road which is a lovely alternate to the overly popular paved roads. (We will return downhilll via the pavement, however.) Extraordinary views are to be had along the way, and especially from the tippy-top at the Boucher Fire Lookout. Thereafter we'll also enjoy a stop at Mother's Cafe, near the summit.

Here's a ride report and video slideshow from when we did this ride last December (be sure to give it a few minutes to load the video and turn up your speakers as there is a music soundtrack):

On Sunday, June 14, we will roll out at 8am from Casino Pauma which is amazingly hard to find. It's at 777 Pauma Reservation Rd, Pauma Valley, CA 92061. Three bottles and/or camelbak recommended.

Note: This ride is unhosted, unsupported, and everyone who shows up is on their own. Neither we, nor anybody else, is responsible for anyone who rides. If you ride, YOU are responsible for YOU and YOUR bike. This is not an "event" - it is just a ride on dirt and paved roads for like-minded people.

Weather: Got this helpful note from Rough Rider Blad Zlotnick since it appears that fears of of a hot were unfounded and the reverse is more likely:

I use this weather site because you can click on exact site you want forecast (zoom in and try it) and I have found it to be the most accurate thing around (eg, even timing of clearing fog). Might be a helpful link for your site, also. Best of all, our taxpayer dollars at work.

In any case, this is similar to the forecast of drizzle and heavy fog we had for last Wednesday out there, when ground/car/we were wet at Valley Center Road Junction/Jilberto's 2, with no visibility up the mountain. The associated hazardous weather alert refers to 1/4 mile visibility possible on the mountain from fog.

Weather PS: We were up on Palomar on Saturday (the day before this semi-epic) for the Palomar Challenge and it was foggy and socked in on the upper half of the mountain! We will have lights and rain jackets on Sunday! Click here for pix!

We hope to see you there! This is a FANTASTIC ride and you do not want to miss it!

- Chris Kostman and Elizabeth Jefferson

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