Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rough Rider Semi-Epic Planned for Sunday, May 17: Join Us!

All are invited to this no-host semi-epic dirt/road ride starting at 26th and San Vicente (the border between Santa Monica and Brentwood. Zip Code 90049). Start time 9am, to allow time for cross-towners to ride to the start.

Route will head up Mandeville Canyon, Dirt Mulholland, The Hub, Trippet Ranch, Topanga Canyon, two unnamed, semi-secret fire roads, eventually cross the top of Old Topanga, drop onto Stunt Rd., ascend Stunt (the first paved road of the whole ride), down little known trails to the coast, then back on PCH to San Vicente for a pavement finish. Figure about 5 hours and 50 miles, but I can't say for sure. A few bail-out options exist for those in over their head. Pace will be medium-to-high, but stops will be made for scenic overlooks and photos.

Most Rough Riders would probably want to ride a "mountain bike" on this route, or at least tyres in the 40mm or wider range. (There's a decent amount or loose, rocky stuff.) Definitely bring three bottles, two tubes, patch kit, etc. There is essentially nowhere to buy anything along the route. Be prepared.

Check out "Forty Days and Forty Nights" on this blog for a few pix of the area and a sense for the type of adventure planned (not that we expect waist-deep water, but anything can happen).

Trust me, this is a fantastic route in a wondrous area. I LOVE riding these mountains!

Stay tuned for the final details on start time. Feel free to RSVP by posting a Comment below this page on the blog, but it's not necessary.

Note: This ride is unhosted, unsupported, and everyone who shows up is on their own. Neither we, nor anybody else, is responsible for anyone who rides. If you ride, YOU are responsible for YOU and YOUR bike. This is not an "event" - it is just a ride on dirt roads for like-minded people.

(Remember, we Rough Riders enjoy getting "out there" by riding roads, dirt roads, trails, and paths on whatever bike we happen to be on or have handy. Sometimes the pavement's long gone and we're still on our "road bikes" or some bike that would be commonly considered inadequate for the job - and that's just fine by us! Rough Riding is not defined by the type of bicycle or type of riding surface. Rough Riding is a state of mind, a riding style with limitless freedom and an all-pervasive sense of adventure.)

See you out there!


Gary Fleming, said...

Sounds like a good ride. I'm thinking of doing it on my singlespeed cross bike. I did the Rwanda 50 on that bike.

Anonymous said...

i am interested in this but scheduled to be out of town. any chance you have a route map or will be GPSing the ride?

Ken Kistinger said...

I plan on being there with my sans-suspension Cannondale Killer V-500 in all of its 21-speed glory.
You did mention bail-out options, right?