Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rough Riding Above the San Gabriel Valley: Jacques Brosseau's Ride Report and Pictures

We recently received the following email, route sheet, and photos recently from fellow Rough Rider Jacques Brosseau. Thanks, Jacques!

HI Chris

Attached are some photos of my Ruff Stuff jersey’s inaugural Ruff Stuff ride. Can you guess where I am? I started in Monrovia and made a big loop.

The Ruff Stuff blog is great,
Jacques Brosseau

PS in April trying to put together a Ruff Stuff century; half pavement and half dirt road.

Monrovia - Angeles Crest - Rincon Loop Routeslip:

Start from the Starbucks parking lot at Foothill and Myrtle in Monrovia, CA.

West on Foothill

Right (N) on Santa Anita
Left (W) on Orange Grove
Right (N) on Michlinda
Left (W) on Sierra Madre
Right (N) on Washington continue as street veers west
Right (N) on Lake St
Left (NW) on Woodbury continues on this street the name changes to Oak Grove.
Proceed on this street till you come to an overpass of the 210 FWY, make a
Left and cross over the FWY.
Once on other side make a
Left on to Birkshire.
Continue on what seems to be a main street generally going North West.

Right (N) on to Chevy Chase Dr
Right on Foothill and a quick
Left on Angeles Crest Hwy
Gas station on right has some supplies
Be prepared to climb all the way to RED BOX some 14 miles distant.
Water available at Red Box.
Once at Red Box go

Left, behind sign and on to a dirt road 2N24. You are now on Red Box Rincon Rd. Approximately 18 miles of dirt road lays before you.
Continue on main dirt road, then take 2N25 heading to Cogswell Dam.
Once at the dam proper, end of dirt road.

Continue down past the dam and get on to the bike path / road that follows the West Fork of the San Gabriel River to its end on HWY 39 San Gabriel Canyon Rd.
Right turn on to San Gabriel Canyon Rd.
Continue on this road till you get out of the canyon.
Notice the bike path on the Right: get on this

Continue on bike path going SW till you get to a parking area and restrooms just prior to Huntington. Water available here.
Right (E) on Huntington till you get to Myrtle.
Right (N) up to Foothill
Left into parking lot and end of ride.

Ride Notes
• Ride info 70 miles and 6200’ of gain.
• Ride done with 28mm tires; wider tires would be easier on the dirt.
• Bugs can be a big problem along parts of the dirt road, be prepared with insect repellant.
• Bring plenty of water especially for the dirt stretch.
• Bring a map showing the ride area.
• Some of the pavement riding can have traffic and be narrow in places.

Enjoy and have a great Ruff Stuff ride!
- Jacques Brosseau

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