Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pay Attention (Trust Your Gut, not always your GPS)

Out exploring yesterday, we came up on this sign. Of course, this was after coming back down the private road behind the sign that we'd accessed via a long, uphill, and unmarked trail. When we hit that road at the top of the trail, my sense of direction told me we needed to head back down and, lo and behold, we'd been on private property ever since topping out on that that road, I mean driveway. Seeing this sign, and it's admonition to not always believe one's GPS while navigating, reminded me of how we repeatedly tell people who are traveling to Death Valley for an AdventureCORPS event to NEVER follow a GPS there. We state that emphatically because people have literally died while attempting to reach Death Valley on a dirt road route, courtesy of their GPS, despite the fact that there are four excellent paved roads which lead into Death Valley. (Thankfully, none of these people were en route to joining us.)

After yesterday's excursion, there was this gem of a story on the ABC News about some Japanese tourists who literally drove into the ocean in Australia because their GPS told them to do so. Here's a photo:

Is all this dependence on technology making people just plan stupid, making them lose their sense of direction, their awareness of what just seems and feels right?

This morning's yoga class was an obvious opportunity to work on "awareness" and I really got a lot out of Garth's class, but I find it helpful - and more logical - to just be aware all the time. This is especially critical while out exploring and always while moving quickly over varying terrain, whether by foot, bicycle, or motor vehicle.

As the saying goes,
"Pay Attention!"

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