Friday, April 30, 2010

Bruce Gordon: Still Rockin' in 2010

In my previous post, I featured Bruce Gordon's 1993 Rock 'N Road bike, as described by Roy Wallack. At the recent San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, I chatted with the ever-friendly Bruce Gordon and took some photos of his current line-up, which includes both American- and Taiwan-made versions of the Rock 'N Road. Enjoy! (Remember, you can click any photo to see it bigger.)

Above: BG with the current American-made Road 'N Road
Above: The Taiwanese version of the Road 'N Road. When asked about the Chinese language down-tube decal (which is how it is sold here in the USA), Bruce explained he was just being up front about the bicycle's origins, unlike many other "American" brands which try to hide where their bikes are coming from. You can buy a completely built-up edition of this bike for just $1499, or a kit which includes the frame, fork, stem, and headset with California-made front and rear racks for just $975! Info here.

Above: If the Rock 'N Road is designed as "the one bike to rule them all," then Bruce's latest creation - with titanium lugs and carbon tubing - is designed as "the one bike to make them all drool." It's quite a departure from his usual materials, but extremely beautiful, to say the least. This bike had the biggest crowd at the show, from what I observed. More info here.

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For professional photographs of all the bicycles featured at the San Diego show, check out Anthony's gallery on the Velo Cult blog. Incredible!


Errin said...

I just met a guy on my commute on one of those Taiwan frames. From a distance I thought he was on a Surly LHT, but he said it was a Bruce Gordon. I didn't get a chance to ask him about the downtube graphics though. Thanks for clearing that up. It was a beautiful bike in person.

Anonymous said...

No carbon for me, thank you! I know it's a comfortable ride (if it's done right), but I'm pretty old-school, not to mention pretty old, period, so I prefer good-old steel.


Dan O said...

Cool bikes. The Taiwan version is a steal. Also cool about being totally up front where it was manufactured.