Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rough Riders News & Mount Laguna Rides on 3/20 and 3/27

Sorry we've not been up to speed with this blog lately. We've been too busy riding, plus hosting 80 For Haiti on February 13, then CORPScamp Death Valley (as seen above) on Feb 27 through March 3, followed by the Death Valley Century & Double Century on March 6. (Click those links for millions of photos, video slideshows, results, etc.)

Coming up soon are Hell's Gate Hundred on April 3 and Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic on April 17, both of which we are hosting. (Both have registration still open, however all the hotels in and near Death Valley for the HGH ride on April 3 are sold out. Both currently have about 200 riders signed up and we are very excited.)

The next two Saturdays, we plan to ride the MLBC route, starting from Major's in Pine Valley both days. Saturday the 20th we'll start at 700am and ride loops 1 & 2, then Saturday the 27th we'll start at 800am and ride loops 2 & 3. All are welcome to join us. No support provided, not even a route sheet. Just come ride!

Here's a preview of my new Rivendell Roadeo in its first incarnation. A full report and lots of photos will be posted soon:

We got a cool email from fellow Rough Rider Dustin Sharp, a regular at the Rough Rider Rambles and the Rough Rider Semi-Epics which we'll share here:

We (Esteban Del Rio and I) rode the 80 for Haiti course last Saturday (January 30) with a Kitchen Creek Finish, making for about 90 miles and 7500 feet of climbing. We pushed our bikes through over two miles of snow at the top of Kitchen Creek before hitting sunrise highway. Don’t ask why we weren’t smart enough to turn around and go the other way. Suffice it to say that Sidi shoes are not waterproof and my feet were like two numb bricks coming down Sunrise and into pine valley. It was a different sort of “rough riding” for sure. Check out the pics!
That's all for now! Keep on rolling! Thanks for your support!


Unknown said...

Downtube shifter bosses on a Roadeo? I was under the impression they don't have them.

Chris Kostman said...

I had the D/T shifter mounts added by Joe Bell during the custom paint process.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Ride.

How do you like those cages for dirt riding? I have always liked the look, but not sure how well they hold a bottle when things get bumpy.

Chris Kostman said...

I use those Nitto "Hooper" cages on all my bikes. I like them better than any other cage, especially off-road, plus they are beautiful and seemingly indestructible, and they don't mar plastic bottles the way aluminum cages do. I get them from Rivendell:

Dan O said...

The Rivendell looks great. Since first spotting it on the Rivendell site - been admiring it.

In a way - a new RB-1.....