Friday, December 4, 2009

Colorado Rough Riders; Misc. Updates

We are pleased to announce the first new chapter of the Rough Riders, based in Colorado. Here are some excerpts from their website:

The Alpine Bicycle Club, home of the Colorado Rough Riders, is dedicated to mixed terrain touring. Touring through the alpine environment here in the Rocky Mountain West requires efficient travel on any surface from paved road to single track. All on the same route, with the same bike.

The Alpine Bicycle Club & The Colorado Rough Riders were started by a group of old mountaineers and skiers in Golden Colorado who also love cycling. Mixed terrain travel is simply a way of life for us. Many of us commute daily over mixed terrain. All of us love the alpine environment. And all of us would rather bike than drive a car.

Club membership is free. All skill levels, from novice to professional racer, are welcome. The only requirement is that you love mixed terrain travel in mountain environments. We even accept mountain bikers. But we will probably give you a hard time until you change out the big fat knobbies.

This Club was partly inspired by Chris Kostman of AdventureCorps and Rough Rider fame, who urged us to go public. We appreciate his support and "Any Bike, Anywhere" approach to travel.

Their website includes features such as "In Search of the All-Rounder" and "Ultralight Touring," plus descriptions of some impressive mixed terrain, mixed surface rides around Colorado. Here's their site:

We send greetings and kudos to our Rough Riding colleagues in Colorado and look forward to joining them for some of their epic adventures in the near future!

If you are interested in forming a Rough Riders Chapter somewhere else around the globe, please contact us!

Other News / Rough Riders Rally: We will very soon post all the details about our July 23-25, 2010 Rough Riders Rally, plus open registration. Updates: The Saturday route has been finalized. as per RRR Recon #2, published here previously. A Friday route, mostly pavement with a few trails, has been finalized. The catering for both evening's dinners has been finalized. And, most importantly, the venue for the Saturday evening Bike Show / Dinner / Special Speaker / Awards Presentations has been finalized - it will take place at the Tam Valley Community Center.

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