Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rough Riding on

Check out the latest addition to!

That's yours truly with my 1984 Holdsworth, as featured many times on this blog in various Rough Riding reports.

The concept of the site is simple. You upload a photo of you and your bicycle. If they like it, they will post it to the site within one of their 21 bike-specific categories. Then, once the picture goes live, it gets voted on and shared by our users.

You can submit a photo no matter what type of bike you ride, how old you are, where you live in the world, or what you look like. The only requirement is that the photo you submit include both YOU and YOUR BICYCLE. That means no pictures of random people cycling past you. The photo you submit has to be of you and your trusty steed. The better the picture, the better your chances of it being posted to the site.

Check it out (click the "Thanks" with a number link in the top right if you like it )- and post your Rough Riding bikes (with you!). Maybe they will add a 22nd category for Rough Riding bikes!

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