Friday, July 3, 2009

New Logos, New Adventures

We are very excited to share the Rough Riders Rally logo with you here! This is an important step for us as we don't like to really move forward, publicly and officially, with a new event or endeavour until we have the logo ready. Well, the logo is done and the official RR Rally page is online here, so we hope you will mark your calendar for July 23-25, 2010 and plan to participate!

We've also revised the original Rough Riders logo: it has an updated Spanish Bayonet, the distinctive yucca plant which is featured on the logo and which we encounter so frequently here in Southern California on our cycling adventures. The original RR logo's Spanish Bayonet never quite "worked" for us; the new one is much more accurate. It will take a little while to get this new logo online everywhere we use it. If you're got the RR logo on your site or blog, thank you; please contact us to get the updated version to use (or just grab it from here, with or without the URL at the bottom)!

Finally, also here is a first look at the new Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic logo, which you will note incorporates the Spanish Bayonet, since they are to be found all over the Mount Laguna region and the route for this event. Although this event takes place entirely on paved roads, it is EPIC and it will be held in one of our favorite rough riding areas! Please also mark your calendars for April 17, 2010 for this exciting new event in southern San Diego County! More info about the MLBC.
All of these works of art were created by Bill Oetinger, a life-long endurance cyclist, charter member of the Rough Riders, and one of the main driving forces behind the legendary Terrible Two Double Century in Sonoma County. Thanks, Bill! Here is Bill's website; he's also an excellent bike tour organizer and purveyor of bike touring routes.