Monday, December 8, 2008

Rough Rider Linkages!

Greetings, fellow Rough Riders and Rough Riding fans!

Since we brought this blog online in March, 2008, we've had 10,754 Visits, resulting in 19,869 Pageviews, as of December 7, 2008. Thanks for the enthusiasm, everyone!

According to our webstats, here are the sites which link to us, in order of most number of click-throughs first. Some of them have been linking to us for a long time, which is why they rank highly here, while others are only recently pointing to us and are now providing a surprising number of click-throughs. Thanks to everyone who links to us. We sure appreciate it!

Everybody, let's return the favor and check out all of these sites, because you know they're cool and have taste if they're linking to us here! ;-) (One of the coolest cycling sites on the web, featuring the "hard man" lifestyle of pro cycling in its broad sense, with a nice appreciation of cycling history, reviews of really exceptional bike shops - which are often de facto museums - plus its namesake, "Belgium Knee Warmers," which is a slang term form embrocations applied to bare knees to ward off the stinging cold of winter in Belgium and beyond.) ("Wool, Twine and All Things Fine in Cycle Touring") (We used to run some ads in their very cool magazine.) (Ritchey featured my LA Times article photo in March of 2008, as I was on their bike for the photo shoot.) Note, their blog has now moved here: (Our little 3-Speed Adventure Society website.) (A Canadian frame builder who includes a Rough Rider bike in his custom line-up.) (A 320 mile bike race on gravel and dirt roads in Iowa in May, in which I will be competing. We're also a sponsor.) (A cool, progressive Marin County bike shop. I met the owner during the 50 Mile Ride, featured here.) (Our local randonneuring club, of which we're a sponsor and a regular rider.) (Website for our Furnace Creek 508 event.) (Way cool urban LA bike club / social group / email group / participants and volunteers in our events. Alas, their blog is "dead in the water" lately.) (Presumably chatter on their forum. Anything good?) (They published a very nice article about me, which is reprinted here on this blog: "Chris Kostman: Who Needs Him?") (Our other blog.) (Frame builder Megan Dean of Swarm! is also a two-time fixed gear relay team veteran of Furnace Creek 508.) (Organizers of the Good Life Gravel Adventure in Nebraska. I want to check this event out some day soon.) (Not sure what this is about. Help?) (Ultra athlete and vegan adventurer Deanna "Aye-Aye" Adams is a veteran of our Furnace Creek 508 and CORPScamp Death Valley. We love her.) (Two of my fixed gear conversions, one for off-road, are featured on this site. Links below, however I don't see any links to our blog on their site. We recently started advertising our AdventureCORPS events on this site and are getting A TON of traffic at as a result. Highly recommended on many levels!) Here are my bikes (both of which I've subsequently sold): (George "Red-Eyed Vireo" Vargas is a three-time finisher of our Furnace Creek 508, including once on fixed gear. He will also be racing Trans-Iowa. Great athlete, guy, and coach.) ("A critical inspection of bicycling culture and marketing by a veteran bike racer (23 years)." Quote from the author" "I was never a winner, but i've always finished with a little bit extra... so i'm pursuing longer races and randonnee` rides.") (Matt "Desert Locust" Ruscigno of Swarm! is a multiple Furnace Creek 508 finisher, vegan, and honcho in the LA Cycling Scene.) (Not sure where we are mentioned on this site.) (Guitar Ted is one of the Trans-Iowa organizers, an event in which I'll compete in May.) ("Landscapes by bike and foot; topographic writing; landscape art and photography") (SoCal distance cyclist; I must know her, but am not sure as I don't see her real name on the site. NOTE: I've subsequently learned that her name is Mary Elizabeth.) ("The Prairie Peddler is a small family owned bike shop located in the heart of the Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin, on the Mississippi River." Note: I love that Rawland 650B rig! I want one!!!) (OK, I love this site and visit in semi-regularly - don't ask why, but it's not weird, trust me - but I don't see how, when, or why there could be a link to us there. Does Blogger sometimes think a linkage occurred if you used the same window for one site, then moved to another in that same window???) (A vegan fixed gear rider in PA.) (Jeff "Jaguar" Martin is a veteran of our Furnace Creek 508 and CORPScamp Shasta, and we featured a post of his about mountain biking in China on this blog.) (Not sure if or where he links to us, but I've been checking out this French randonneur cyclist's website for several years.)

OK, let us know if we (or our webstats system) missed anybody who links to this site! We appreciate your support!

- Chris Kostman


Anonymous said...

Can I just say I am one of those numbers and this site has been a great read for the last 3 months.

Mary Elizabeth (MErider) said...

Wow, thanks for the mention, Chris. My name is Mary Elizabeth, which is why I go by M.E. ;-)
I love this site and hope that more of your contributors continue to post their reports and experiences on here. Please, keep it coming! :-)