Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Any Bike, Anywhere goes to Shanghai

Rough Rider Jeff "Jaguar" Martin gets the opportunity to ride all over the planet, thanks to his job as a Fedex pilot, where he flies the MD-11. Recently he flew to China and joined a guided mountain bike ride near Shanghai. Was he with a group of totally hard-core mountain bike junkies on the latest hi-tech cycling weaponry? Nope. But the spirit of "any bike, anywhere" runs strong through the Jaguar, so he joined up with a group of strangers on a rental bike and headed on out for a day of adventure in a truly foreign setting. Being among the stronger riders in the group gave him the chance to get ahead, shoot video, and offer encouragement. What would you expect from a Furnace Creek 508 finisher, Ironman finisher, and regular volunteer at epic sporting events around California? Thanks for sharing your adventure, Jaguar!

Here's Jeff's plane:
Here's Jeff waving from the cockpit:
Here's Jeff "in the office":
Here's Jeff's video of mountain biking in China (our first video post!), direct from his Youtube channel:

For info on Bohdisattva, the outfit with which Jeff rode in China, click here.

Click here for Jeff's 2000 Furnace Creek 508 report, with tons of photos and more.

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508Jaguar said...

Well, I'm honored to be a part of the Rough Riders ongoing stories. When I put the video together I intentionally did not add any narration or music. So if anybody has any particular questions about the ride, post them here and I'll do my best to answer them. Specially thanks to my buddy Joel, a Shanghai resident, (who appears frequently in the video) for suggesting the ride and inviting me along. It was a blast! Thanks Joel.